Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Frosty the Snowman

frosty the snowman2  frosty the snowman

  • Read “Frosty the Snowman” … The original Little Golden Book is one of our favorites. There are several versions available here and here. Check your library!

snowman dangling

  • Dangling Snowman Craft … a cute snowman from Family Fun
    1. Cut out three circles from white cardstock or white craft foam paper
    2. Glue or tape spaced out along a length of string (loop at the top).
    3. Use glue dots to attach buttons and a carrot nose.
    4. Add coal eyes and mouth with a marker or crayon.
    5. Tie on a ribbon scarf.

snowman counting image

  • Snowflake Counting … photo and idea from Making Learning Fun
    1. Print these great snowman counting cards from Making Learning Fun.
    2. Use wagon wheel pasta (you can spray paint the noodles white to look like real snowflakes)
    3. Count out the number of snowflakes to match the snowman’s number.

snowman names

  • Snowman Names … love this idea from Under the Big Top
    1. Make a simple snowman head from a white circle, black top hat and decorate with coal eyes and a carrot nose.
    2. Cut out enough white circles for each letter of your child’s name (first or last)
    3. Write one letter on each snowball.
    4. On a long blue paper, glue the snowballs stacked up to make a tall, tall snowman name!
    5. Or make a small version with white dot stickers and use as a bookmark!

snowman snack snowman snacks

  • Snowman Snacks … a couple of variations
    1. Use three slices of banana (skewered or just on a plate)
    2. Add two pretzel stick arms.
    3. Use blueberries or mini chocolate chips for buttons & eyes.
    4. A small apple slice topped with a grape for a hat.
    5. A sliver of carrot for a nose.

snowman bagels

  • Frosty the Snowman Bagel … from Family Fun
    1. Spread cream cheese on a bagel
    2. Put a baby carrot in the bagel hole.
    3. Add 2 black olive eyes (or grapes!)
    4. Slice a red pepper stick to make a mouth.

Click here for more Snowman activities!


  1. CUTE! That vintage Golden Book caught my eye. I love those books. Of course I also love the food ideas!

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