Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful Turkey

There are so many fun ways to make a thankful turkey or even a thankful tree. This is the tradition in our home…


We started our turkey when my oldest was 2 years old. I decided to keep the feathers because I loved his little drawings. I wrote his name and the year at the end of each feather. Now four years later, I’m so glad I’ve kept them. We re-read them this year and they giggled and smiled and loved remembering what they had written in past years. We just keep adding new feathers each year.


  • Start with a turkey body
    1. I used a brown 12” by 12” scrapbook paper for the body.
    2. Add a beak and feet
    3. Add little eyes with a sharpie
    4. Cut out a cute, plump turkey tummy from scrapbook paper
    5. Write “I am Thankful for…”


  • Cut out several blank turkey feathers on colored paper
    1. I traced the feathers we use so you can print them out easily! Just load colored paper into the printer!
    2. Click the image above to download.

DSC06905 DSC06907

  • I am Thankful for…
    1. Every couple of nights, we each get a feather and write down something we’re thankful for.
    2. I write the word for our younger kids, then they draw a picture of it.
    3. Don’t forget to make a little note at the end of the feather of who said it and what year.
    4. Then up it goes on our turkey. He is sure getting plump!

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  1. I am going to try this with my young great-nephews this Thanksgiving.


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