Tuesday, August 9, 2011


  • Examine a quarter.
    1. Notice the face on the front (George Washington) and the eagle on the back (presidential coat of arms).
    2. Learn a little about the history of the quarter here.
DSC07048  DSC07049
  • Earn Quarters
    1. During Q week, we started earning quarters each day by doing our morning and evening chores.
    2. We made this simple chart (our goal was to earn enough to go see Toy Story 3 in the theater and buy a treat there … you could earn a little less and get a treat at Dairy Queen).
    3. We simply stuck them on our chart with a rolled up piece of tape each time they earned one.
    4. I put them in columns of four on purpose. We learned that 4 quarters makes $1.00 and it was easy to count them that way. It took about a month to earn them all, but it was great for the kids!
  • Set a bowl with quarters, nickels, dimes and pennies on the table. Use a muffin tin to sort the money. Quarters in one cup. Dimes in another. Pennies in another. It’s harder than you’d think at first. Show the kids the bumpy vs. smooth edges. Notice the colors and sizes.
  • Coin Rubbings
    1. Hot glue several quarters, nickels, dimes and pennies to a piece of cardstock.
    2. Give the kids a piece of white paper and a crayon.
    3. Show them how to lightly rub the crayon (on it’s side works best) to reveal the money underneath.
  • Quarter Machines … For a little bit of fun, if you happen to be at the grocery store with your kids, give them a quarter and show them how the candy machines work (we never do this with our kids, so they would be totally amazed and excited)  I would tell my kids it is just a special Q week treat. Smile
  • 10 Quarters
    1. Set out a pile of 10 quarters
    2. Line them up and count them.
    3. Put them in sets of 2 and count them.
    4. Divide them into 2 sets (5 quarters in each).

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