Thursday, August 4, 2011


  • Prepare a Magnet Box
    1. Learn what is magnetic & what is not
    2. In a box, collect items that are/not magnetic (paper clips, nails, buttons, bottle caps, wooden beads, brads, cotton ball).
    3. Give the kids a magnet and let them discover what is magnetic.
  • Give the kids a magnet & let them find other things that are magnetic around the house (fridge, oven, doorknobs...)
  • Play magnetic fishing game ... cut out 26 paper fish. Clip on a paper clip & laminate. Tie a long string on a dowel & attach a magnet. Go fishing!
  • Magnet Lab Kit
    1. This is great if you have a little bit of a budget for preschool. I think it would be a great thing to splurge on. My kids got a set similar to this from their Grandma and they LOVE when we pull it out. They can play with it for hours.
    2. The kit above is available from Amazon for $28 + $8 for shipping. So a little spendy, but you’ll get hours of use!  magnet wands
    3. If anything, I’d recommend getting a couple of these magnet wands. They are much more affordable and you can play with them with a pile of paper clips!

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