Monday, August 22, 2011


  • Go on a Jungle Safari
    1. Make toilet paper tube binoculars (tape 2 together). There’s also a fun tutorial here for fancier TP binoculars.
    2. Print several jungle animal pictures (try Microsoft Clipart) or hide several stuffed animals around the room or in the backyard.
    3. Find them with your binoculars!
    4. Extra fun = play jungle music & wear safari clothes.
  • Make an Indoor Jungle
    1. You will need 2 clear plastic cups.
    2. Fill one cup with soil & plant clippings, spray with a water bottle.
    3. Attach the other cup upside-down on top and set in the sun.
    4. As moisture condensates on the sides, explain that this is like rain for the plants.
Snack Idea: animal crackers

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