Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jack & the Beanstalk

jack1  jack2  jack3
  • Read several versions of "Jack & the Beanstalk"
  • Retell the story on the wall (use clipart or props)
    1. To start, let the kids add Jack's house to the bottom of the wall (clipart, a simple drawing, or a toy house you have)
    2. Add a cow (toy or clipart)
    3. Toss a couple of dry beans on the ground in front of the house
    4. Make a beanstalk (green strips of paper with leaves) that extends all the way up to the ceiling.
    5. Stand on a chair and add the giant's castle in the clouds (paper or cotton balls) way up by the ceiling.
    6. Use toys or clipart for Jack, his mom, the old man and the giant (kids are great, because you could use a GI Joe for Jack or a favorite doll for Jack’s mom and they will love it).
    1. This is just for fun Smile
    2. Have the kids plant a magic bean (a Jolly Rancher, peppermint, M&M or other small candy) in a small cup of dirt.
    3. Sprinkle magic growing powder (glitter) on top.
    4. The next morning, the kids will discover that a lollipop or candy cane or other larger candy has grown!
snack idea: cracker jacks or jelly beans

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