Monday, August 15, 2011

Grocery Store

  • Set up a Grocery Store! A little extra work, but lots of fun!
    1. Collect & clean empty cereal, pudding, cracker boxes, milk cartons, juice bottles, egg cartons, yogurt tubs.
    2. Attach a $1, $2 or $3 price tag to each item.
    1. Print out fake money on green paper & collect extra pennies to use for cash.
    2. Help the kids make a simple wallet (I used 1/4 sheet paper & taped the sides) & write their name on the front. Give the kids some pennies & dollar bills.
    3. Let them go shopping with grocery bags
    4. Be the cashier (take turns with them) and add up their total. We have used a flashlight or a blinking red bike light as a scanner. Help them count out the money. Give them some change & let them restock the shelves.
  • Look at the weekly grocery ad. Cut out the items you will be buying, glue to a paper & let the kids mark their "list" as you do your grocery shopping.
  • Read "Just Shopping with Mom" by Mercer Mayer

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