Sunday, August 21, 2011


  • Use straws to blow things
    1. Blow a candle out
    2. Blow bubbles in milk & water
    3. Blow a ping pong ball or pom-pom across the table.
pinwheel  pinwheel2  pinwheel3  pinwheel4
  • Make a pinwheel … simple step-by-step instructions here.
  • Air Balloon Races!
    1. Tie a long string between 2 chairs.
    2. Cut a 2" piece of straw and thread onto string.
    3. Blow up balloon & tape it to the straw.
    4. Let go and watch the balloon zoom across the string!
  • Hide 10 straws around the room and find them.
Snack Idea: put a candle on your snack and blow it out

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  1. I need to use these ideas. My 4yr old would LOVE a day like this!


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