Thursday, July 28, 2011


  • Ocean Mural
    1. Tape a long piece of white paper on the wall (butcher paper or we always keep a roll of newsprint from the local newspaper place in town … very inexpensive)
    2. Use crayons to draw lots of fish & ocean life … fish, sharks, seaweed, starfish, seahorse, jellyfish. Or you can draw simple outlines and have the kids help color them in.
    3. Water down some blue tempera paint and use your brushes to paint over the entire mural. The crayon fish will pop out and look great!


  • Go Snorkeling Indoors
    1. Print out several ocean creatures. All of the images above are from Microsoft Clipart.
    2. Cover your table with a large blanket (use a blue blanket!) to make an underwater ocean.
    3. Tape or pin all of the ocean creatures under the table and on the blanket walls.
    4. Give the kids goggles and a bendy straw for a snorkel.
    5. Dive under the table and explore all of the ocean creatures.


  • Fingerprint Fish
    1. Print out the blank fish above (or draw your own)
    2. Give the kids a variety of paint colors on a plate.
    3. Dip your fingertips in the paint and make fingerprint scales all over the blank fish. Makes a very colorful ocean animal!
  • Look at the oceans on a map or globe!

Snack Idea: Edible Octopus

    1. Spread cream cheese or peanut butter on a bagel
    2. Add 8 pretzel stick legs
    3. Add 2 raisin eyes. Enjoy!

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