Monday, July 11, 2011

Nose & Smell

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So many great NOSE books. Check your library and have lots of read this week!
  • Read What’s That Awful Smell? by Heather Tekavec. Available here. After you read make egg carton pig noses, then read the story again!
    1. Cut out the individual egg cups (the bottoms) from a cardboard egg carton.
    2. Paint pink (or any color you like) and let dry.
    3. Draw 2 small circles with a black marker on the front for nostrils
    4. Punch 2 small holes on either side of the pig nose
    5. String with string and wear your pig nose!
  • Read The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf about a bull who loves to smell flowers. Available
  • After reading Ferdinand the Bull, make scented flowers!
    1. Cut out several flower shapes in different colors
    2. Glue a cotton ball to the center of each flower. Let dry.
    3. Drip a few drops of different flavoring on each cotton ball.
      • vanilla extract
      • lemon or lime juice
      • almond extract
      • mint extract
      • root beer flavoring … whatever you have available!
    4. Tape a wooden skewer on the back of each flower.
    5. Pass the flowers around and let the kids smell and try to guess the scents!
  • Make a Fruit Loop necklace … smells great and tastes great!
  • Scratch and Sniff Painting
    1. Mix one packet of Kool-Aid with 1-2 Tbls. water.
    2. Use a paintbrush to paint a picture on white cardstock.
    3. Let dry, then smell your beautiful painting (scratch lightly to enhance smell!)
    4. NOTE: Kool-Aid can stain clothes and tables. Wear a paint shirt and cover the workspace with newspaper.

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