Thursday, July 21, 2011


  • Glue M page … draw a large M. Add dots of glue along the lines and glue on mini M&Ms. As you can see from the picture, the M&Ms didn’t last very long on our M page. OR … you could just line the large M with M&Ms without glue and then eat them Smile
  • Super-sized M&M cookie
    1. Cut out a super-sized cookie circle & several small colorful paper circles.
    2. Use a letter M stamp to stamp M on each small circle while saying the "Mmmm" sound. (Sometimes Target has little ABC stamp sets in the dollar spot … or you can find them here!)
    3. Then glue the circle M candies to the cookie. Fill up the cookie with as many Ms as you want!
  • Read The M&M’s Counting Book and use a package of real M&Ms to count along with the book. Great for color matching and counting!
  • Graphing M&M Colors
    1. Click here for a great M&M colors graph ready to print!
    2. Color each of the M&Ms at the bottom of the graph.
    3. Pour out a package of M&Ms, sort them by color and fill in the graph by coloring one box for each candy!  M&Mgraph
    4. Click here for another great colorful M&M graph ready to download and print thanks to Preschool Lesson Plans.
  • Make M&M cookies together and don’t worry about the mess!
Snack Idea: M trail mix ... M&Ms, dried mangos, macadamia nuts


  1. Hi Lindsy,

    This lesson looks like such a blast {Who doesn't like M&Ms?! "One for me, one for the art project. One for me..." LOL}! Appreciate your willingness to let us share this idea at our blog and for linking to the activity sheet we created! Have a happy Monday :)

    ~ Kayla

  2. Hello Lindsy,

    I am a new teacher and have been so excited about the lessons I have been creating. I recently created and implemented a scientific method worksheet. Although the worksheet had many different aspects, your M&M graph was one of them. I downloaded the free version of it and made a few minor changes to help it fit into my lesson, but it still generally looks the same. I was hoping to post this activity to teachers pay teachers, but wanted to get your approval first. I was hoping to charge for this item, but if you do not want me to, I can post it for free. If you wish to see the finished product before I post, let me know and I can email you the PDF.

    Thanks so much,


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