Thursday, June 2, 2011

Stars & Stripes

This is a simple project, fun for the kids and perfect for the 4th of July (or just learning about stars & stripes during S week).

(19) matt's flag(17) making a flag

  • Supplies Needed …
    1. 1 piece of white cardstock
    2. 7 red paper stripes
    3. 1 blue rectangle
    4. lots of shiny star stickers
  • Show the kids an example of an American flag. Point out the red and white stripes, the blue rectangle in the corner and the stars on the blue.flag
    1. Using a glue stick, help them glue their red stripes on the paper first … spacing them evenly enough all the way down.
    2. Next, add the blue rectangle to the top, left corner
    3. Finish by decorating with star stickers. There are several to choose from here!

NOTE: As you can see from the pictures, my 2-year-old wanted to make the flag his own way. I’m glad now that I just let him be creative and do it his way. He loved it and it was still a great decoration for the 4th of July Smile

    • Listen to The Star-Spangled Banner while you make this project! (click on the blue link. Click on the play button in the right-hand column under the Star-Spangled Banner lyrics) 

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  1. This looks like a perfect project for your son's age. I love that you didn't try to "fix" it. Thanks for sharing.
    Little Wonders' Days


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