Sunday, June 12, 2011

Magnetic Calendar

So this is how we keep track of all of the fun around here! I made this magnetic calendar about 5 years ago and have used it every day & month since then … WELL worth the effort it took to make it. It keeps me organized and the kids get excited because they know what to look forward to! Great to use as you start your N (for New Year and Numbers) week!
  • I bought a piece of sheet metal 2’x2’ in size (from a local sheet metal place … they had no problem cutting it to size and only charged $5-$10). I like the large square size!
  • Made a simple frame (from a piece of frame molding, cut 45 degree angles) and painted it.
  • For the calendar numbers I used this rounded square graphic and the font Abscissa (click the font for a link to download). Just use whatever program you’re familiar with (I like Microsoft Publisher, but even Word works) and add the numbers centered in the middle.
  • I used the same Abscissa font for the month names and days of the week … just resize how you like them.
  • Then the fun part! … Use the same square above and add some cute clipart (I like using Microsoft Clipart because it’s free, EASY to download or copy and there is a lot to choose from).
  • Add a label to the top or bottom and print them out. Here are some of the days we have … holidays, birthdays, camping trips, local annual festivals that we love, movie nights, home depot kids workshop (click the link to find out more), take a trip, go to the beach. Just personalize to what your family likes to do!
  • Laminate everything! I’ve discovered that a roll of clear packing tape also laminates well Smile
DSC02927  DSC02961
  • Add a piece of sticky-back magnet or magnetic tape to the back (found at Michael’s for $4 or here) I love the magnetic tape because it’s nice and thin so the extra days store nicely.
  • I store the extras we’re not using that month in a larger magnetic tin (found at craft or even office supply stores)
  • Oh, and I use a piece of Wikki Stix shaped into a circle to mark today’s date.wikki stix Available here.

I assign one of the kids a turn to change the calendar at the beginning of the month. Great for counting and practicing their numbers and keeping them lined up. They love that job! Sounds like a lot of work (it is) but so worth it to use for years and years. Feel free to ask questions if you have any!


  1. This is so creative! What a great use of clip art, and I like how you mark the date.

  2. Hi from your newest follower, please pop by, Karima from

    Saw you on tip Junkie

  3. I really like this idea! I dont know if I'll make it, as I dont think I could hang it on my wall (long story). But, thanks so much for the graphic to make my own squares!!

  4. Just letting you know I'll be feature YOU this Thursday on my {take a look at you} post. Thank you so much for linking up to my party last week. Hope you join us this week at {wow me} wednesday. :)


  5. I realize you cannot share your actual special event squares because of clip art copyright and all that, but do you have a verbal list of the ones you used? Just starting out and would love some ideas, because I know I'm forgetting things...



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