Sunday, May 22, 2011


  • Color R page … Use red paint or Do-a-Dot markers to color your R page. I was planning on having him just make the R red, but he ended up coloring the whole page. Oh well :)
redhen redhen2 redhen3
  • Read several versions of "The Little Red Hen"
  • Before you read …
    1. In a paper grocery bag, place a loaf of bread, a red craft feather, a bag of flour, a bowl & a mixing spoon.
    2. Tell the kids the things in the bag are clues to the story you're about to read.
    3. Pull out the items one at a time, letting the students guess what the story might be about.
    4. When the bag is empty, reveal & read the story!
  • After you read …
    1. Sequence the story.
    2. Draw four simple pictures of the Little Red Hen making bread:
      1. mixing
      2. pouring in pans
      3. baking
      4. eating. (The Mailbox, 2006-2007 Yearbook, Preschool, pg. 158 has great sequence cards ready to copy … or HERE are some other sequence cards ready to print). bread
    3. Have the kids glue them in order on a large brown bread cutout.
    4. Drizzle glue on top of the loaf of bread and sprinkle oatmeal on the glue.
  • Decorate a Red Hen
    1. Make a simple hen cutout from red paper. Or print the image above onto red paper!
    2. In a container, place several colorful craft items including several red ones (pom poms, feathers, ribbon, buttons, etc).
    3. Let the kids search through to find the red items and glue them on their hen.
DSC00920  DSC00933
  • Bread and Butter
    1. Make a loaf of bread & eat it with butter.
    2. Yes, it makes a mess, but the kids love helping bake and getting their hands in the dough. Just go with it, you’ll have a great time!
    3. NOTE: while you’re waiting for the bread to bake you can make your own butter!
      • Fill a small glass baby food jar with heavy cream and SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE until you do not hear the liquid swishing around anymore.
      • Pour off the watery liquid and butter your freshly baked bread!
      • For more specific directions, click here. I love their suggestion to put a marble in the jar to speed up the process.
  • Retell the story of “The Little Red Hen.”
    1. I found these little wooden animals at Michael’s for $0.25 each.
    2. We glued them onto popsicle sticks, then retold the story using our new characters … Not I, said the green frog. Not I, said the teddy bear. It was fun.
Snack Idea: homemade bread & butter

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