Saturday, May 21, 2011


  • Watch ice cubes melt in a pan on the stove (be careful!)
  • Go ice skating indoors ... My kids LOVE this! Everybody gets two squares of wax paper. Step on with bare feet and slide around the carpet!
DSC01450  DSC01455
  • Make ice popsicles with juice
    1. Pour juice into ice cube tray. I fill a squeezy condiment bottle with juice and my 3-year-old can fill the tray himself!
    2. Cover with tin foil and let the kids help poke a toothpick into each square. Freeze!
  • Ice-Jello Art ... Sprinkle kool-aid or jello powder on paper. Let the kids use an ice cube to push the powder around and make a colorful picture.DSC05371 
  • Ice Excavation
    1. Freeze a few small items in ice (like small toys in a large, clean yogurt container) overnight.
    2. Slide the ice out of the container onto a rimmed cookie sheet or bowl.
    3. Let the kids try to melt it out … my kids tried to chisel it out, dump cupfuls of warm water on it, breathe hot air on it and eventually stuck the whole thing under the warm water in the sink.
  • Watch "Ice Age"
  • Melting Experiment
    1. Fill one clear jar with warm water, one with cold water, and leave a third empty.
    2. Use 3 ice cubes and let the kids predict which they think will melt first.
    3. Place an ice cube in each jar, then watch what happens.
  • Go Ice Blocking!
    1. Buy a large ice block (or two) from the grocery store (very inexpensive, like $1.00), bring a couple of towels and head to a grassy hill.
    2. Fold the towel and place it on top of the ice block (helps you not to slide off and keeps your rear end from getting wet).
    3. After a few runs down the hill they go pretty fast!
Snack idea: juice popsicles or juice with ice cubes

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  1. Cute ideas! I especially like the indoor ice skating. Thanks for linking up with DIY under $5!


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