Friday, May 27, 2011


ben franklin
  • Read a simple story about Benjamin Franklin from the library. I like these board books (above). We have several of them. I like to buy books like these as souvenirs when we go on trips. Amazon has them here.
  • Electrical Safety
    1. Look around the house & put safety covers over all the electrical outlets.
    2. This is a great time to talk about why we should never touch or put anything into an electrical outlet.
  • Static Electricity
    1. Rub a balloon on your hair & watch it stand on end.
    2. Show the kids how the balloon can stick to the wall with static electricity.
  • Have a “No Electricity Day” (or afternoon).
    1. Turn off all of the lights, the computer, the TV … anything with electricity.
    2. Use flashlights, read lots of books, play games and make your snack or lunch without using any electricity.
    3. You could even have the kids help wash the dishes because … the dishwasher takes electricity Smile
  • Electric MeterIf you know where your electricity meter is you can teach your kids that we have to pay for all of the electricity we use.
    1. Turn on ALL of the lights, TVs, radios, dryer, anything you can find that uses electricity.
    2. Run outside and watch the meter to see how fast it is spinning. That’s a lot of electricity to pay for!
    3. Go back inside and unplug everything, turn everything off.
    4. Run outside again and check the meter. It should be moving much slower!

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