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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Family Handprint Turkey

How cute is this wooden handprint turkey?!

My sister, Kiley (from DIY with Grant & Kiley) made these and sent them to us for Thanksgiving! My kids have loved playing with them. She took each of my family’s handprints, cut them out of wood and painted them to make this cute, custom, Thanksgiving turkey. Look at all of those feathers!


There are seven of us. I love the range from my husband’s huge hand, down to my 4-month-old’s cute little hand. My kids had a fun time trying to match up their hands to figure out whose was whose.


They’re made out of fairly thick wood, so the kids have been playing with them just like blocks. They stack them and sort them and try to match up their hands. I love hearing them talk about “Dad’s hand is the biggest” and the baby’s hand “is the smallest.” and how they can organize them by size. They’re practicing math concepts, colors and counting without even knowing it Smile


And I love that she stamped my kid’s initials and age into the bottom of each hand. Such a fun keepsake.


I was pretty impressed with how right on the sizes were too Smile She did a great job.


Thanks little sister Smile We love them!

If you need a set of these for your family, they are available in Kiley’s shop here. Or check out all of the other fun projects she has going on at DIY with Grant and Kiley.

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