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Monday, December 3, 2012

K is for {Chocolate} Kisses!


  • Read The Biggest Kiss by Joanna Walsh & Judi Abbott
    1. A very cute story about lots of different kisses!
    2. I love the illustrations.


  • Preschool Journal K Page
    1. Practice writing Kk and “Kiss”
    2. Put kiss stickers all over the page
    3. Or put on red lipstick and kiss the page!

 DSC02777  DSC02781

  • Memory Match Kiss Game … A fun twist on one of our favorite games. Inspiration here.
    • Use dot stickers to put matching labels on the bottom of several Hershey’s kisses. We did matching pairs of all the letters A-K.
    • Use the kisses to play a game of memory match


  • Kiss Number Line … a simple introduction to adding and subtracting using a number line. Original idea found here
    • Have the kids write 1-10 on blank kisses
    • Glue in order on a long strip of paper.
    • Give simple addition or subtraction problems. Use chocolate kisses to move up and down the number line.


  • Chocolate Kiss Drawings … a fun idea we found here
    • Use a sturdy white paper plate. I found that a plain paper plate worked much better than the glossy finish.
    • Use the tip of a Hershey’s kiss to draw a chocolatey picture.


  • Christmas Kiss ABC Game
    • Print out the Christmas tree game here.
    • You’ll need a big bowl of Hershey’s kisses (at least 26 for each preschooler)
    • Use a set of A-Z letter tiles, or magnet letters or letter cards.
    • Have the kids choose a letter and say it’s name.
    • Cover the matching letter on their Christmas tree with a kiss.
    • Continue until all the letters are covered and you have a glimmering, chocolately Christmas tree!


  • Christmas Kiss Countdown … a tradition around here Smile
    • Use the same Christmas tree game and kisses from above.
    • Hot glue the kisses to the tree. I put a dot of hot glue in each circle and the kids carefully put a chocolate kiss on the glue.
    • Hang up your Christmas countdown! My kids get to choose one kiss each day after their morning jobs are done.
    • See another version we’ve done in the past here.


  1. Thank you so much..this is exactly what I have been looking for my kiddo. I am starting the december calendar this week. Question: I noticed that the calendars are organized for last year, which is fine, I can still use them, but will there be current calendars available? Just wondering so I can plan. Thanks a bunch
    Jessica McCall

    1. Hi Jessica, I'm not doing new calendars for this year. I figured everyone could adapt the calendars from last year and add any new activities they like. I may do new ones next year (they're a lot of work!) :) Enjoy your December activities!

  2. There is a lot of good things here. Thanks for posting it. My siblings both have children, and they are both at the point where they are trying to decide what to do about preschool for their kids. I'll send this to them to give them some ideas. west roxbury preschool


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