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Sunday, May 22, 2011

K is for Kiss

  • Glue K page
    1. Draw a large letter K on your paper
    2. Put red lipstick on your lips and kiss the K!
    3. My kids thought this was silly, but fun Smile
  •  Chocolate Kiss Countdown
    1. Make this sweet countdown for Christmas (or any holiday if you’re not in December!)
    2. Use a long piece of ribbon.
    3. Hot glue 25 chocolate kisses (if you’re starting December 1st) to the ribbon.
    4. Add a small folded piece of cardstock to the top and let your kids write their name. It also reinforces the top where the thumbtack goes, otherwise we’ve noticed that the thumbtack tears through the ribbon.
    5. Hang vertically and eat one kiss each day until your day! 


  • Read “The Kissing Handby Audrey Penn
  • After you read …
    1. Trace your preschooler’s hand on cardstock and cut it out.
    2. Glue a small picture of you and your preschooler on the palm of the hand. Or just place a heart sticker on the center of the palm. Or both!
    3. Laminate if possible.
    4. Punch a hole and tie a string through so your kissing hand can be worn as a necklace.
    5. Don’t forget to give them a kiss when you’re done Smile
  • Kissing Hand Counting
    1. Trace around your preschooler’s hand 5 times on paper or foam craft paper.
    2. Cut out the hands.
    3. Write numbers 1-5 on the palm of each hand cutout.
    4. Cut out 15 hearts from red paper or red foam craft paper.
    5. To Play: Count out the right number of hearts to place on the palm of each hand.
  • More books from Audrey Penn that would be great this week!

kisses  kisses2

Treat Idea: Kissing Hand sugar cookies

    1. Make your favorite sugar cookie recipe.
    2. Use a hand cookie cutter (or use a knife to trace around your hand)
    3. Bake, cool, frost.
    4. Add a chocolate kiss to the center of the palm.

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