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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree


  • Trim a Paper Tree … a fun gathering activity the kids really enjoyed!
    1. Put a large sheet of craft paper on the wall (I just got a package from Amazon last night filled with this brown paper. It was perfect!)
    2. Draw a simple Christmas tree outline.
    3. Set out colorful paper, scissors and glue sticks.DSC02825DSC02821
    4. Show the kids the tree and tell them it’s missing the ornaments! Have them cut out any size & shape of ornaments they like. Great scissor practice!
    5. Let them glue their ornaments on the tree. My kids loved this and stuck with it until the tree was full!


  • Read Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree by Robert Barry
    1. This is a new book for us this year. We love it!
    2. Mr. Willowby puts up his tall, tall Christmas tree in the parlor and realizes it just a bit too tall. The butler chops off the top and gives it to the upstairs maid. She sets up her tree and finds it just a bit too tall. She cuts off the top and sets it outside where the gardener finds it and takes it home. On and on until several more animals enjoy a piece of Mr. Willowby’s Christmas tree!
    3. The illustrations are wonderful. This is one of our favorite books now.


  • Stacking Cone Christmas Tree
    1. Make a stacking Christmas tree set with the tutorial here from Bella Dia.
    2. Give each of the kids a set (unassembled) and let them figure out how to stack them in order. We actually just shared one set.
    3. Read the story again.
    4. This time, have the kids remove part of the tree every time the tree gets chopped in the story.

DSC02832 DSC02843

  • Paper Strips Tree … what a fun, simple idea from Mrs. Lee
    1. Cut several green strips of paper into varying lengths.
    2. Have the kids arrange the strips from longest (bottom) to shortest (top).
    3. Then glue the strips to a red paper.
    4. Add a brown trunk and top with a yellow star!
    5. Use a Q-tip to add snow with white paint.


  • Christmas Craft Stick Tree … inspiration found here at Mommyapolis. 
    1. Color several craft sticks green (use green crayons, markers or green paint!) We colored one brown and 3 green. 
    2. Cut the craft sticks so they end up being varying lengths. I just used regular scissors to cut them. 
    3. Have the kids arrange the sticks from longest to shortest.
    4. Glue to a wide craft stick (I love using hot glue, but if you want the kids to be able to do it on their own, regular white glues works … just takes longer to dry.)
    5. Add fun, glittery sequins, beads, buttons or any other little treasures you like.
    6. Add a loop to the top (again, I prefer hot glue) and you have a cute preschooler-made ornament Smile


  • Decorate a Christmas Tree Game … Mr. Willowby trimmed his Christmas tree. We’ll do the same, with a yummy, colorful treat!
    1. The game board, cards and instructions can be found at Criss-Cross Applesauce (thank you so much for the great printable!!)
    2. Print the game, the M&M pieces and grab a big bag of M&Ms.
    3. Each preschooler needs 20 M&Ms.
    4. Have them sort the M&Ms into the color-labeled boxes. I colored over the words with crayon for the non-readers. 
    5. Begin by drawing a card and adding that many M&M decorations to their tree.
    6. Continue until all of the trees are full of decorations!


  • Christmas Tree Lunch
    1. Make your favorite sandwich and cut it into triangles.
    2. Stack two triangles to make a tree.
    3. Add crackers or pretzels to make the trunk.
    4. Give the kids colorful cereal, raisins, mini marshmallows, cheerios or other little snack to decorate their Christmas tree sandwich.

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  1. What a fun theme! I tried printing the M&M game from Criss Cross Applesauce, but it's now a private blog and you have to have an invite to access it. Bummer! We were excited to play that.


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