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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

D is for Dots


  • ReadLots of Dots by Craig Frazier
    1. This is a great book. My kids and I loved it.
    2. It shows so many fun ways to see dots all around us.
  • Preschool Journal D Page
    1. Practice writing Dd and “Dots”
    2. Draw several dots (good circle practice)
    3. Put dot stickers on the page.


  • Make DOT pictures
    1. We love using our Do-a-Dot markers. We have this set and this set. You can also get them at Michaels with a 40% coupon!
    2. Make several pictures with dots.
    3. Trace your name with dots.

DSC01645  DSC01317

  • Magic Dot Page
    • Beforehand, prepare a “magic” dot page:
    • Use a write crayon to draw Ds and dots all over the page. I drew a large D, but next time I would do lots of smaller Ds all over.

    • Use the dot markers to dot all over, revealing the secret messages!

  • Dot to Dot page … there are several to choose from here.

DSC01321  image

  • Dot Bingo
    1. Make a simple 3x3 grid
    2. Have the kids choose a different Do-a-Dot colors (9 total) for each square
    3. Call out a color and mark the square with a candy DOT.


  • Play the Dice Race Game
    • Original post & free printable here.
    • Lots of other fun domino or dice worksheets here.

  • Snack Idea: Our favorite Dot Day treat is Dots candy!


  1. I just found your blog and I am a preschool teacher. So many fun ideas and I am thrilled to use some. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Wow! He's very creative at his age, I can see his future. He can be a great artist.


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