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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

B is for Blue

  •  Blue Model Magic … a fun gathering activity
    1. I had never used Model Magic before, but I’m converted. It is cleaner than Playdoh and the kids loved it.
    2. Place a ball of blue Model Magic on the table for each preschooler.
    3. Let them play while everyone is arriving.


  • ReadBlueberry Mouse by Alice Low
    1. We just happened to find this book at the library and my kids and I love it.
    2. This little mouse is different. She doesn’t need blue cheese like the other mice. She lives in a blueberry pie, until she eats it bit by bit. But then she comes up with another blueberry solution. So cute!
  • Blue Song …. to the tune of “If You’re Happy and You Know It”
    1. Ask the kids to wear blue clothes today.
    2. Sing this simple song and have the kids stand up and point to their blue.


  • Bop Blue Balloons
    1. Blow up several blue balloons.
    2. Write B on each one.
    3. Have the kids practice the Bb sound.
    4. Have fun b-b-bopping and b-b-bumping their balloons around the room.


  • Letter B Memory Game
    1. Search the house for several item beginning with the Bb sound. I used:
      ball    boot    bear    beanbag    baby    book    block    bowl    button    banana
    2. Show the kids each of the items and have them help you say the Bb sound and name.
    3. Cover the items with a cloth (a blue blanket!)
    4. Have the kids take turns remembering one item under the blanket. Then pull it out for them to see!

DSC01338 DSC01340

  • Build the letter B … I found this idea somewhere but now I’ve searched and can’t find it.
    1. On blue paper, print out the B pieces here. Cut them out.
    2. Have the kids arrange the pieces to make a letter B. Glue them down.
    3. Add several blue stickers.
    4. You could give them a blue crayon and let them practice writing Bb.
    5. The kids really liked this … and loved the stickers of course Smile

DSC01346 DSC01347

  • Blueberry Hunt
    1. Cut out 26 circles from blue foam craft paper.
    2. Write A-Z on each circle.
    3. Hide the “blueberries” around the yard outside or in the house.
    4. Write A-Z on the ground with sidewalk chalk.
    5. Have the kids run out to find a blueberry, bring it back and match it to it’s letter on the ground. Then run out and find another until all the blueberries have been found and matched!
  • Blue Snack … We had blueberry muffins, bananas and fresh blueberries!


  1. You're making me a whole new A-N for next year right?!! This one looks awesome. All the ones you've posted so far this year look awesome. I'll just wait for my package ;)


    1. Tell you what. You guys move back closer and we'll do preschool together! :)

  2. It has been way too long since I've stopped by and I have missed out on sooooo much!! This Blueberry Mouse book looks like so much fun. I can't wait to check it out. I am going to start working on colors and letters with my toddler so I am excited to utilize all of your great ideas!

    1. Hi Rachel! I've been loving your ideas too. Blueberry Mouse is definitely a new favorite here :)

  3. I came across your blog while working on designing a home school preschool curriculum for my daughter. Your letter a week calendar jump starts my planning each week! Thanks for sharing!


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