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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

C is for Cupcake

DSC01065 cupcake and little mouse


  • Preschool Journal C Page
    1. Practice writing letter C and ‘Cupcake’
    2. Draw a picture of your favorite cupcake!
    3. Add cupcake stickers to the page.


  • Play Cupcake Restaurant … my kids really had fun with this game. It took a little prep work, but you don’t have to do so many different colors. Inspiration here. 
    1. Cut out several colors of cupcakes, frosting and cupcake cups from felt. 
    2. Cut out several different ‘toppings’ … I wanted my kids to work on shapes, so I did lots of shape sprinkles.
    3. Make several cupcakes and color copy them.
    4. Print the cupcakes out and cut apart as separate cards.
    5. To Play:
      • Tell the kids that they are going to help run the yummiest cupcake restaurant in town. The customers will come in and give them an order, then they need to make a cupcake to match the order exactly!
      • Have the kids spread out the cupcakes, frosting, cups and toppings.
      • Give each of the kids a plate to work on and OPEN your restaurant.
      • Give the kids an order picture and have them choose the pieces to build the cupcake.
      • Check it when they’re done and congratulate them for building a matching cupcake!

cupcake 001 DSC01079

  • Sprinkle Dot Cupcakes
    1. Print out the cupcake page above (just click on it). Or draw your own and add letters or numbers instead of shapes!
    2. We used our Do-A-Dot markers.
    3. Call out a shape and ask the kids to put a sprinkle dot on it. Or I’d ask them to put a sprinkle dot on two circles, etc.
    4. I also had the kids take turns choosing a shape for us to dot.


  • Make Cupcakes … of course, we had to make yummy cupcakes.
    1. Make cupcakes & let the kids help measure, pour, stir, crack eggs and lick fingers Smile
    2. Have a cupcake decorating party. The kids frosted their own (yes, what a mess) and we had lots of fun sprinkles.
    3. We also made these easy owl cupcakes for our family home evening treats!


  1. Your cupcake store is really cute. I have one with ice cream that I use. I'll have to try this idea. Thanks,
    Cathie at

  2. I love your cupcake center!I have some cookies I got from Oriental Trading that the kids love, so I know they will love this!
    You have great ideas! Thanks for sharing!


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