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Monday, September 17, 2012

B is for Bears (Book Scavenger Hunt)

We’ve done lots of different books for bears. But I think I liked today’s BEAR preschool the best of all. It was simple, fun, the kids really enjoyed it, and we got to read lots of good books!

bear hunt


  • Preschool Journal B Page … I’m really liking these journal pages. They’re quick, but we get writing practice every day and the stickers and drawings are a fun reminder of each of our days.
    1. Practice writing letter Bb and “Bear”
    2. Put bear stickers on the page.


  • Gummy Bear Song … my kids loved this, so fun! Of course, we had to do it several times since there were gummy bears involved. Original idea here.
    1. Set out 5 gummy bears of different colors.
    2. Give the kids 5 pennies (total)
    3. Sing the rhyme & take turns buying (and eating) a gummy bear!


  • Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Rhyme … a great get-up-and-wiggle rhyme

      Teddy bear, teddy bear, turn around.
      Teddy bear, teddy bear, touch the ground.
      Teddy bear, teddy bear, up on tiptoes.
      Teddy bear, teddy bear, touch your nose.
      Teddy bear, teddy bear, walk with me.
      Teddy bear, teddy bear, bend your knee.
      Teddy bear, teddy bear, hop around,
      Teddy bear, teddy bear, sit on the ground.


  • Going on a Bear Hunt … this was the highlight of our bear day. A relaxed bear hunt with lots of stories along the way … and yummy snacks!
    1. Cut out several brown bear paws. I just drew a simple paw on brown paper.
    2. Write a clue on each paw.
    3. Pull several bear-themed books out of your bookshelf (or from the library!) These are just the ones we had on hand.
    4. I put a little bear snack with each book and clue. The kids munched on their snack while I read a bear book or two. Our clues & snacks:
      • Look on mom’s bed (no snack)
      • Look in the garage (gummy bears)
      • Look under a blanket in your room (teddy grahams)
      • Look on the slide fort (bananas … starts with B!)
      • Look under the kitchen table (chocolate pudding)
      • Look in the bathtub (that’s where our bear was hiding with a special treat)
      • NOTE: you could also make blueberry muffins!
    5. We followed the paws until we found our stuffed bear holding the kids treat. A cute bag of gummy bears that said, “You’re a Beary Good Reader” … I found the idea and free printable here.

DSC01000 DSC01002


  1. This is awesome! I actually ordered this book from paperbackswap yesterday! Perfect timing.

    1. You'll love it. Pretty cute when you get the kids in on the actions too. They thought I was crazy making squishy squoshy mud noises :)

  2. interesting! although I have no expert, but I want have to know more and more, on your blog just interesting and useful information. Keep it up!


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