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Thursday, September 13, 2012

B is for Bugs



  • Preschool Journal B Page
    1. Practice writing letter B and ‘Bugs’
    2. Put bug stickers on page.
    3. NOTE: I had cute bug stickers to stick on, but my 4-year-old wanted to put these on instead. I loved his ladybug drawing Smile


  • Bug Match Game
    1. I cut apart an extra piece of bug bulletin border to make this game.
    2. You could also use bug clipart, make 2 copies and cut one apart to match.
    3. I played with the kids and it ended up being an even better game than I had planned. They talked a lot about the attributes they noticed … the color of the wings, the direction the antennae were pointing, the type of bugs.


  • Bug Letter Tiles
    1. Write “bug” on a sticky word strip & stick it to a magnetic surface.
    2. Let the kids use magnetic letter tilesto make the same word.
    3. Ask the kids to name a bug and write it on a word strip.
    4. Let them find the tiles to make the word.  
    5. Repeat.
    6. NOTE: I purposely wrote in lowercase for my 4-year-old when we only have uppercase letter tiles. I like that he can practice recognizing both forms. If it’s a little tricky for my 3-year-old, I write them uppercase for her so she can match them easier. Obviously she had more fun stacking the tiles Smile


  • Paint bug rocks
    1. Go on a nice walk outside.
    2. Pick up a few small rocks or small sticks (and look for bugs!)
    3. Let the kids paint their rocks and sticks. I set up our bug book to show them all of the fun colors and designs to give them some ideas. 
    4. Let dry and add googly eyes.


  • Bug Jar Sorting
    1. Print these great bug jars from PreKinders here.
    2. I use these Backyard Bug Counters available here.
    3. Let the kids sort the bugs by color, type and number.


  • Bagel bugs … our all-time favorite bug snack
    1. Spread cream cheese on a bagel.
    2. Add pretzel stick legs or antennae
    3. Use mini marshmallows and raisins for spots or eyes.


I love your comments! Feel free to leave a link if you've done any of these activities with your kids. I'd love to visit your blog!

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