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Friday, September 28, 2012

C is for Cars

We have been doing preschool every day, but life gets in the way when it comes to posting! We actually just finished D week, so I’ll be posting the rest of our C and D week activities…car

  • Read Can You See What I See?: Trucks and Cars by Walter Wick … this board book version is a a fun look-and-find book perfect for the preschool age. I love that it shows a picture of what the kids are looking for.


  • Preschool Journal C Page

    1. Practice writing Cc and “Cars”

    2. Draw a picture of a car.

    3. Add car stickers to the page.


  • Car Sorting

    1. Set two circles on the floor (use hoola hoops or I just tied two long pieces of yarn together and made circles on the floor)

    2. Set a red car in one hoop. Ask the kids to put all the red cars in that circle and the cars that are not red in the other hoop.

    3. Sort the cars again with a different criteria:

      • cars that have eyes

      • cars with numbers

      • cars with four wheels

      • cars with a spoiler

      • cars that are blue


  • Car Painting

    1. Put on paint shirts.

    2. Tape paper (we used cardstock) to the table, so it won’t wiggle around.

    3. Choose a few cars with good traction on the tires (makes fun designs)

    4. Let the kids roll the cars through paint, then on their paper.


  • Car Wash … a fun way to take care of those painty cars!

    1. Fill a sink with water and bubbles.

    2. Give the kids scrubbers or old toothbrushes.

    3. Have them send the cars through a bubbly car wash.

    4. Set towels on the sides to place the washed cars.

DSC01184DSC01185 car 001

  • License Plate Match … this was a fun game on our way to pick up our 2nd-grader at the bus stop Smile

    1. Print the car page above & clip on a clipboard.

    2. Take a walk and find license plates on cars.

    3. Have the kids look at the numbers and letters on the license plates and cross off the matching letters on their car page.


  • Apple Car Snack

    1. Cut an apple into slices.

    2. Break a toothpick in half. Insert one through the front of the apple slice & one through the back of the apple slice.

    3. Add four grape wheels.

    4. Simple and nutritious. Enjoy!

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