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Monday, May 7, 2012

Z is for Zig Zag


  • Read Lines That Wiggle by Candace Whitman … my kids and I really enjoyed this book. There is a raised, glittery line that squiggles all throughout the book describing all of the different kinds of lines from “lines that wiggle, lines that bend” … to “zigzag lines light up the sky.” A very fun book.
  • Search for lines!
    1. The last page of the book encourages the kids to look around and see what lines they can find.
    2. Search the room, house or yard for lines! 
  • Wiggle like a line
    1. Read “Lines That Wiggle” one more time.
    2. This time, act out each of the different lines or draw them in the air: lines that wiggle, lines that bend, wavy, swirl, twist, sway … even lines that tickle!
  •  Glue Letter Z Page
    1. Draw a large letter Z on your page.
    2. Cut three lengths of ric rac (a type of ribbon found at fabric stores) to cover the three lines of your zig-zagging Z.
    3. Glue the zig-zagging ric rac to your Z! 
animation maker

  • Zig Zag Game
    1. Place several cones in a zigzag pattern across the floor or yard (number the cones if it would help.)
    2. Have the kids run and touch each of the cones in a zigzag pattern.
      DSC00775 DSC00771
    3. I had my kids pick up an alphabet letter at the end and race it back to put it in the puzzle. Easy and makes it a little more interesting Smile

image  DSC00746

  • Zig Zag Trace, Stick & Cut
    1. On a piece of paper, draw several different lines across the page (a wavy line, a straight line, a zigzag line, a curved line…) You can print the page we used by clicking the image above.
    2. Use your finger to trace each of the lines. 
    3. Then use a crayon to trace each of the lines.
    4. Use Wikki Stix wax sticks to trace the lines. Just stick them on and press a little. They curve and bend and come right back off again. My kids loved using them.
    5. Now, use your scissors to practice cutting along each of the different lines.
      DSC00755 DSC00762
    6. My kids favorite part was figuring out how to put the pieces back together again like a puzzle. We mixed them up and did it over and over.

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