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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Y is for Yellow


  • Read “In My New Yellow Shirt” by Eileen Spinelli
    1. A little boy receives a new yellow shirt for his birthday and imagines all of the different things he can be wearing his yellow shirt … a lion, a daffodil, a firefly.
    2. As you read the title, point to each of the words.
    3. Can your preschooler point out the word “Yellow”
    4. Point out all of the yellow things you see as you read the story!

 DSC00659  DSC00649

  • Yellow Shirt Cut & Paste
    1. Cut out a simple shirt shape from yellow cardstock.
    2. Look through magazines to find yellow things.
    3. Let the kids practice cutting out any yellow things they like and glue them to their yellow shirt.

DSC00677 DSC00640

  • Twinkle, Twinkle Yellow Star … my kids loved this. We played it over and over again. I love these washable paints.
    1. Paint a wooden star cut out with yellow paint and let dry. Or simply cut out a star from yellow cardstock. I just traced a star cookie cutter on cardboard and cut it out.
    2. TIP: Paint your star before reading the story and doing the yellow shirt activity so it will be dry!
    3. Write your preschooler’s name on their star.
    4. Hide the stars somewhere in the room.
    5. Sing the following song to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”
    6. Have the kids search for the star with their name on it!



  • Yellow Snack
    1. Fill dessert cups with vanilla pudding.
    2. Add sliced bananas and a little dollop of whipped cream!


  • Yellow Storytime
    1. Have your preschooler look through the bookshelf and pull out all of the yellow books.
    2. It’s great color practice and makes storytime a little more fun Smile


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