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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Z is for Zebra

DSC00868 DSC00860

  • Zebra Pattern Bracelets
    1. String black & white pony beads on an elastic string or pipe cleaner.
    2. Tie ends together and wear!
    3. TIP: I tape the end of the elastic to the table to keep it from wiggling too much.
  • Zebra Pattern Bookmarks
    1. Cut a piece of cardstock 2” x 6” for the base of your bookmark.
    2. Cut small strips of black and white paper 2” x 1/2”
    3. Have the kids glue alternating pieces of white and black paper all the way down their bookmark.
    4. Trim the edges and laminate!
  • Zebra Kabob Snacks
    1. On a wooden skewer, alternate olives and mozzarella chunks (or any white cheese)
    2. Enjoy!


  • Zebra Trifle Treats
    1. Make a chocolate cake or brownies. Let cool and cut into bite-sized cubes.
    2. Whip up some fresh whipped cream or vanilla pudding … or use vanilla ice cream!
    3. In small dessert cups, let the kids help alternate layers of cake with layers of whipped cream.


We also did these Zebra book and painting activities from a previous post!


  1. Just want to say thanks for all you great ideas. I just love the bracelet. We are working on Z next week and I am sure my grandkids will love that!!!

  2. Super Lesson! This is great lesson alone or you could tie it in with a zoo theme! Thanks for the inspiration!


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