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Monday, May 14, 2012

Z is for Zero

DSC00967 DSC00968

  • Read Zero Is The Leaves On The Tree by Betsy Franco
    • great book: What a neat way to explain the concept of zero. My kids love reading this book. I love it because zero actually makes sense … “Zero is the balls in the bin at recess time.”
  • Take Zero steps
    1. Have the kids stand at one end of the room or yard.
    2. You say, “Please take …. three steps forward.”
    3. Help the kids count, “1, 2, 3” steps.
    4. Repeat until they reach the other end of the room. Add giant steps, bunny hops, tippy toes and leap frog steps, too!
    5. Don’t forget to say “Please take … ZERO steps forward” from time to time!

image DSC00957

  • Zero Pennies Game
    1. Draw the outline of a large Z and fill it in with circles. Or click the image above to print it Smile
    2. In each circle, write a number 0-5 (don’t forget a few zeros!)
    3. Have your preschooler count and stack that many pennies in each circle.
    4. When they come to a ‘0’ circle, remind them that zero means none!
  • Zero Snack
    1. Bagels with cream cheese look just like the number 0.
    2. When the kids finish their grapes or sandwich or crackers, you can mention that now they have ZERO grapes or ZERO crackers!

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