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Sunday, April 22, 2012

X marks the Spot!

shiver me timbers

  • Read Shiver Me Letters: A Pirate ABC by June Sobel … a very fun ABC book. The captain, who says “R!” all the time decides he needs the rest of the ABCs, so the crew explores an island for them. My kids have fun finding each of the letters hiding in the pages.
  • Dress up like pirates
    1. Get in the spirit of the day by wearing a pirate hat, eye patch and pirate clothes … see an example here.
  • X marks the spot Treasure Hunt … my kids love treasure hunts and by adding a few extra activities to the clues, we can make it a little educational too! Ideas for clues below…DSC00457Clue 1: X it off
  • Draw simple pictures of several places the clue could be (the tub, the TV, the table, the baby, the chair)
  • Read the clue, “The next clue is NOT in the tub”
  • Have the kids X off the tub.
  • “It is NOT on the baby” … and the kids X off the baby
  • Repeat until the only one NOT crossed off is the next clue!


Clue 2: Trace the letter X

  • Dot several Xs (in different sizes) on a paper. Click above to print.
  • Have the kids trace each of the Xs to earn their next clue!

Clue 3: Find the Xs in a book

  • Set a book out (any of the X week books would work great)
  • Read through and have the kids point out all of the Xs they see.
  • Have the next clue hidden on the last page of the book!

Clue 4: Make Xs

  • Set out several craft sticks (an even number)
  • Have the kids cross the craft sticks to make lots of individual Xs.

Clue 5: Do several eXercises

  • Do jumping jacks (your arms and legs make a giant X!)
  • Do a scissors walk (cross one foot in front of the other & repeat)
  • Cross your arms over your chest and do a sit-up!
  • Cross your legs, bend over and stretch to touch the floor.

Clue 6: Dig for letter X

  • Fill a large tub with rice, beans or pasta (or use the sandbox!)
  • Hide several Xs in the rice. You could use multiple X magnet letters, mini craft sticks glued together or simply print out several Xs on cardstock and laminate them.
  • Give the kids small scoops or shovels and have them find all the Xs. Or you could have the next clue written on one of the buried Xs!

Clue 7: Sing to letter X

  • Sing the ABC song.
  • Have the kids clap when they get to letter X.

Clue 8: Follow the treasure map

  • Draw a simple map of the room or backyard.
  • Have the kids hop to the chair, then crawl to the table, then leapfrog to the door, etc. until they reach the place where X marks the spot on the map!
  • Have a large red X hidden in the room with the treasure “buried” underneath it.

Congratulations the kids on their X-cellent treasure hunting skills Smile


  1. I did a similar version of this activity today with my 4 year old and we had a blast! Thanks for sharing!! You can check out how it went for us on my

    Monica :)

  2. I love this! I've never been a blog follower before, but I come back to this one again and again. Your blog gives me so many wonderful ideas to teach my preschooler. She's learning so much from the methods you show and she's having so much fun. Thanks for having an easy to navigate blog as well as many amazing ideas! And for sharing them!


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