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Friday, April 20, 2012

X is in BOX

box not a box

  • Cereal Box Bag … create a lunch bag to carry your picnic lunch! Watch the video above or click here for more detailed instructions from Family Fun!
    1. Cut the top flaps off of an empty cereal box.
    2. OPTIONAL: Use white shelf contact paper to cover the front, back and sides of the box.
    3. Cut two handles 1-2 inches from the top.
    4. Let the kids use stickers or cut pictures from an old magazine to glue to their new lunch box.
    5. Pack a lunch in your new lunchbox and take it to the park!



  • Cardboard Box Car or Fort … my kids favorite activity!
    1. Save a large box or ask an appliance store for one.
    2. Set it out in the living room and let your kids take the lead. I’m always amazed and surprised at their ideas. Go with it!
    3. Try to do as many of their ideas as you can.
      • Paint it, cut out windows and doors, add buttons, add a mailbox, color with crayons and markers, draw framed pictures inside, let them bring in their blankets and stuffed animals, use another box to add a second room. Play and enjoy!

box book

  • Read My Book Box by Will Hillenbrand … a cute and simple book about the many ways to use a box.
  • Box Book … your kids can help make these, or have them ready to use!
    1. Cut the front off a cereal box
    2. Score and fold in half.
    3. Cut paper just smaller than the cardboard.
    4. Sew down the middle, fold and flatten.
    5. Use your new box book to draw pictures and write letters.

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