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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

W is for Watermelon

Apparently I’m dreaming about summer weather and backyard BBQs already. Hopefully we can find watermelon at the store to sweeten our Watermelon Day!

Watermelon Day


  • Watermelon Life Cycle … Did you know there is a National Watermelon Promotion Board?! Smile They have a great website with lots of information about watermelon!
    • Print this life cycle page here
    • Color the page and talk about each step.
    • Cut the cards apart, mix them up, and put them back in the correct order!
    • NOTE: this page also tells how to grow watermelon from the little black seeds in your next slice of watermelon!

DSC00153 DSC00154DSC00158

  • Edible Watermelon Seed Counting … love this counting activity inspired by Toddler Approved.
    1. Make several watermelon slices. I cut out a few red circles, then glued them onto the white paper and cut around those a little bigger. Then glued those to a green paper and cut a little larger around to make the rind.
    2. Cut each circle in half to make watermelon slices.
    3. Write a number on each slice.
    4. To Play:
      • Turn all of the watermelon slices upside down.
      • Choose one, identify the number and add that many chocolate chip seeds to the watermelon slice.
      • NOTE: You could also leave the slices blank, then roll a dice and add that many chocolate chip seeds to a slice. Roll again & repeat!

watermelon popsicles

  • Make Watermelon Pops … these sound delicious! Check out a full menu of watermelon recipes at Wow.
    1. Add watermelon (without the rind) to a large ziploc bag.
    2. Mush and mash it with your hands.
    3. Pour or scoop the watermelon mash into a popsicle mold.
    4. OPTIONAL: add small chunks of fruit (peaches, grapes, kiwi)
    5. Freeze and enjoy!


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