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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Max’s Chocolate Chicken

My kids have recently fallen in love with Max and Ruby. They will be thrilled to spend a day with this book!

max's chocolate chicken

  • Read “Max’s Chocolate Chicken” by Rosemary Wells … Max needs to find more eggs than Ruby to win the chocolate chicken. She finds the most eggs, but Max and the chocolate chicken have disappeared!


  • Easter Egg Memory Match … creating the game is just as much fun as playing it.
    1. Cut out several identical, blank egg shapes. Feel free to use the printable above (just click it to print!)
    2. Draw the same design on two eggs. Leave the back blank.
    3. Grab two more eggs and draw a different design.
    4. Continue until all your eggs have beautiful matching designs. You might even try drawing a chocolate chicken on one matching pair!
      • NOTE: I may draw a design and have my preschooler copy me. Then have him draw a design and I’ll copy him.
    5. Spread the eggs out upside-down.
    6. Take turns turning over two eggs at a time, trying to find all of the matches!


  • Read What's for Lunch? Chocolate by Claire Llewellyn … this is a simple little book that explains how chocolate starts as a cocoa bean, how it is grown, harvested and made into the chocolate we love to eat. Perfect for a preschool level.
  • Chocolate Tasting … after finding all of those eggs, we’ll do a little chocolate tasting Smile
    1. Get several different kinds of chocolate … white, dark, milk chocolate, semi-sweet, etc.
    2. Taste each one and have the kids try to describe it.


  • Finger Paint a Chocolate Chicken
    • Print the page above on cardstock (just click on the image).
    • Trace the “Chocolate Chicken” words and have the kids write their name in the space above.
    • Use brown paint or chocolate pudding to fingerprint your chocolate chicken!

chocolate chicks  chocolate chicken cake pop

  • Make Chocolate Chicks!
    1. Oreo Chicks from Brown Paper Packages
      • Dip Oreo cookies in yellow melted candy melts.
      • Insert small pretzel sticks for legs.
      • Add mini chocolate chips for eyes and an orange frosting beak.
    2. Chick Cake Pops … Wow. Directions on Bakerilla here.


  1. My kids love Max and Ruby too and we haven't read this one yet. Can't wait to try the egg matching game with my preschooler! :)

  2. My kids are into Max and Ruby too. I can't tell you how many times I've read the book about the earthworm cake and the raspberry fluff icing cake for grandma. I should remember the title by now but now I read through it without even thinking about it.


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