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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy President’s Day!

abe lincoln

  • Read The Story of Abraham Lincoln by Patricia A Pingry … I love these little board books. They’re surprisingly thorough for how simple they are!
    1. Learn about Abraham Lincoln!
    2. He was the 16th president of the United States
    3. He was very tall and called “Honest Abe” because he was always honest.
    4. Abraham Lincoln picture is on the penny!


  • Lincoln Memorial Virtual Tour … this is very cool! You don’t have to go to Washington DC to tour the Lincoln Memorial. Take this virtual tour online and learn all about it! Click here to visit the National Park Services homepage.

DSC00733 DSC00739

  • Penny Flip Game … I made this simple penny graph last year and was about to recreate it when I found these great printables ready to go. Yay!image  image
    1. Click the images above to print.
    2. Examine a penny. Lincoln’s head is on one side (we call it “heads”) and the Lincoln Memorial is on the “tails” side.
    3. Show the kids how to flip their penny.
    4. Whichever side it landed on, mark off a box. Or make a tally mark, or use a stamp or cut out the pennies and glue them on.

george washington

  • ReadThe Story of George Washington by Patricia A. Pingry
    1. Learn the story of George Washington and the cherry tree. Click here for poem, some facts and a funny little video about George Washington from History for Kids.
    2. My boys had fun acting it out.
  • Paint a cherry tree ... ok, not a great example picture. This is what my 3-year-olds tree ended up looking like last year Smile Try to imagine it…
    1. Paint your palm and fingers green (leaves)
    2. Paint a little down the arm brown (the trunk)
    3. Carefully press your hand onto a white paper.
    4. Let dry, then use your fingertips to add red cherries to the tree.

cherry cheesecake

  • Snack Idea ... Mini Cherry Cheesecake!

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