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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Very Busy Spider

So many fun Spider activities. I’m excited to do these for S week!

very busy spider


  • Very Busy Spider Stick Puppets … Use these free printables from Making Learning Fun as you re-tell the story!
    1. Print each page.
    2. Color and cut out.
    3. Glue to a craft stick.
    4. Lay these on the ground and have your child choose the animal mentioned and make their noise as you read through the story.
    5. Or use the puppets to re-tell the story from memory without the book!
    6. OPTIONAL: of course, we had to do some running with these. Put all of the puppets at one end of the room. As we read through the book, we took turns running down to pick out the right animal and running back with it.


  • Spider Web Lacing
    1. Use a black paper plate (or paint one!)
    2. Cut out the middle of the paper plate leaving the rim
    3. Punch holes all around the inside of the plate
    4. Use a lacing needle and black yarn (or simply tape around one end of the string to keep it from unraveling) and let the kids randomly create a web.
      • TIP: tape the yarn and needle together so it doesn’t slip off.
    5. Color a small spider (or use a plastic spider) and attach it to the web!
spiderplates                                       photo and idea from Preschool Teachers Talk
  • Beaded Spider Legs
    1. Decorate a sturdy paper plate with crayons, markers or paint.
    2. Hole punch 8 holes around the outside of the paper plate.
    3. Attach a small pipe cleaner to each hole.
    4. Let the kids make a pattern with beads on each leg, then twist the ends so the beads don’t fall off.
    5. Glue on 8 google eyes (spiders have 8 eyes!)
  • Sing The Itsy Bitsy Spider … click here for music and lyrics.

DSC08995 DSC08998

  • Treat: Oreo Spiders! … fun idea from Preschool Teachers Talk
    1. Insert 8 pretzel sticks into the cream of an Oreo
    2. Add 2 eyes with red frosting

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  1. Another one of my favorite books! Can we have preschool at your house everyday?


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