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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Making Learing Fun has excellent ideas and printables for a Train theme. It is based on the book "Freight Train" by Donald Crews. I picked it up at the library and printed out a few of the activities.

We had a fun T is for Train day.

freight train

DSC01352  image

  • Train Patterns … click here for printables from Making Learning Fun.
    1. Print out several train patterns and train cars (they come in the same colors as the book!)
    2. Use the train cars to recreate the pattern!

  DSC01357  image

  • My Color Train booklet ... I love how this little booklet copied the same train in the book.
    1. Print a blank train booklet here.
    2. Cut along the solid, middle line and tape the train together.
    3. Color each of the train cars to match the book.
    4. Then fold it up into a little color book to read together.

DSC01358 DSC01360

  • Train Word Tiles
    1. Print out the ready-to-use word tile pages here.
    2. Use letter tiles (or we used Scrabble letters) to match the letters for each color word.
    3. The pages have lower-case letters and the Scrabble letters are upper-case, so my 3-year-old had a hard time matching them. No problem. I just used a sharpie to write a small upper-case letter in the box, then he could match them. Now that he’s 4, he has no problem matching upper and lower-case letters.

train snack

  • Easy Train Lunch … love this simple idea from Giggles & Crayons
    1. Make your favorite sandwich.
    2. Cut a notch from the top corner.
    3. Add banana slice wheels and a teddy graham conductor!
    4. I would go ahead and use the cut-out piece as a coal car and add a couple more banana wheels Smile
    5. Add a pretzel stick train track (glued with peanut butter)


  1. LOVE this!I am definitely going to use this for my preschool--thank you!

  2. Oh my gosh! The first thing I thought when I found this blog was....that looks like a Kevan...THEN I saw who the blog was by and remembered you had done this. THANKS for sharing. so awesome!


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