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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cows, Milk & Butter

What a busy preschool day! My friend, Shelli, hosted preschool in her home last week and it was busy, noisy and lots of fun!

We continued learning about Farm Animals … this time COWS!


  • Homemade Butter
    1. Label a clean pint jar (or even a baby food jar) with the kid’s names.
      • They could write their own name on a label
      • Or have them find their name on a sheet of label stickers.
    2. Pour heavy whipping cream (room temperature works best) into the jar … the more cream, the more butter you’ll have.
    3. Screw the lid on tightly and have the kids shake, shake, shake!
    4. We did this as all the kids were showing up and then they kept shaking any spare minute we had during preschool.

snappy little farm DSC06218

  • Read “Snappy Little Farmyard” (or any of these farm pop-up books!)
    1. The kids loved this book. It’s a fun, simple farm pop-up book.
    2. As you read, have the kid’s make the different animal’s sounds.
  • Show non-fiction book about cows
    1. Check out a few non-fiction books about farm animals, cows and milking. The kids love looking at pictures of real animals and farm life.
    2. Explain that we get milk and cream from cows.
    3. After cows are milked, the thicker cream floats to the top, the thinner milk stays at the bottom.
    4. We use the cream to make ice cream and butter!


  • Make homemade ice cream! … a great lesson on liquids and measuring. The kids were totally intrigued.
    1. Take turns letting the kids help pour the whipping cream and evaporated milk into a large liquid measuring cup.
    2. Explain that these ingredients are “liquid”
    3. Show the kids how to crouch down with their eyes level with the cup to measure the liquids. Show them the marks on the measuring cup and have them decide if you have enough or not.
    4. Pour all the ingredients into an ice cream maker!
    5. NOTE: I forgot to get the recipe we used (it was delicious, so I’ll try to get it and add it). There is a simple recipe for Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream here (great reviews!)

farm matching mat

  • Farm Animal Matching … use this great printable from Frogs in my Pocket.
    1. Print two matching pads for each preschooler.
    2. Cut the 2nd sheet apart to use for matching cards.
    3. Spread the animal cards on the table and let the kids choose a card and cover the match on their paper.
  • Farm Animal BINGO
    1. Use could also use the same printables from above to play BINGO.
    2. Print one extra sheet, cut apart and put the pieces in a small bowl.
    3. Draw one card, name the animal (or just make the animal noise!) and have the kids find their matching card and cover the animal on their paper.


  • Trace & Color … Print this great “milking” trace & color page from Twisty Noodle (love these! You can customize the text!)

Snack Idea: Eat your delicious homemade ice cream!

Thank you Shelli!

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  1. You got that right- it WAS busy, noisy and lots of fun! I thought the farm animal matching sheet she got from a link on your blog was absolutely adorable.


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