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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Simple Ghost Windsock

We started off G week with Ghost activities to get in the Halloween spirit!

DSC06183 DSC06174

  • Simple Ghost Windsock
    1. Cut out 2 black circles and 1 black oval.
    2. Glue them to the center of a white piece of paper.
    3. Insert your ghost face into a clear plastic page protector (holes side up)                                                                                  DSC06176 DSC06178
    4. Cut a white garbage bag into strips (leave folded, cut, then open up).
    5. Tape 5-6 white strips to the back of the ghost.
    6. Roll the page protector into a tube and tape.
    7. Tie string to the holes and hang outside.


(These actually look a little creepy to me. I think I need to work on making a cuter scary ghost face!)

DSC06191 DSC06194

  • Ghost Streamers
    1. Use those extra garbage bag strips, tie a few together and let the kids run out in the wind!
  • Vienna Fingers Ghost TreatsDSC06198
    1. Need 1 pkg. Vienna Finger Cookies, white chocolate melting chips, mini chocolate chips.
    2. Melt your white chocolate (30 seconds in microwave, stir, then 15 sec. intervals, stirring in between until melted.)
    3. Dip cookies in melted white chocolate & lay on wax paper.
    4. Add 2 chocolate chip cookie eyes!

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