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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


  • Glue Q page … Draw a large Q on your paper. Line the Q with glue, then slightly bend the Q-tips so they fit around the curved letter Q.

DSC00810  DSC00825

  • Q-tip painting! … This was actually a lot of fun and I loved how bright the colors were.
    1. We used a muffin tin and I let my 3-year-old pick which colors he wanted for each spot. I use the Crayola Washable paints.
    2. Add a little bit of water (maybe 3-4 Tbls) and mixed them up with a Q-tip.
    3. Use the Q-tip as a paint brush. They worked great for quite a while, then started to get a little soggy, so we just switched those out for new Q-tips.
    4. We painted letter Qs and other colorful pictures. They turned out great!
  • Guessing Letters
    1. Wet the end of a Q-tip.
    2. Draw a letter on your preschoolers palm and see if they can guess what letter you drew.
  • Colors Science Experiment
    1. Fill a shallow plate with milk.
    2. Drop 2-3 drops of yellow, red, and blue food coloring in each corner of the plate (you know, just spaced apart like a triangle)
    3. Dip a Q-tip in liquid dish soap. Let it soak up a generous amount.
    4. Then dip the Q-tip right in the middle of the plate in the milk.
    5. Watch what happens!

Snack Idea: My 3-year-old calls them “Q Snacks”.

    1. Use a round Ritz cracker for the round part of the Q.
    2. Add a piece of cheese sliced in a skinny rectangle for the Q tail.

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