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Monday, September 5, 2011

Three Little Pigs

pigs  pigstrue

  • Read several different versions of The Three Little Pigs. At the end of the day read The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by Jon Scieszka.


  • Pig Houses
    1. Cut out 3 squares, 3 triangle roofs and 3 rectangle doors.
    2. Let the kids assemble and glue the blank houses onto a colored piece of paper.
    3. On the first, glue straw (hay, pine needles or even drinking straws cut in pieces) to cover the house.
    4. On the second, glue popsicle sticks or twigs broken into short pieces.
    5. On the third, glue red paper rectangles (bricks) to cover the house.
  • Pig Dress Up
    1. Cut apart individual egg carton cups.
    2. Paint pink.
    3. Add two black nostrils to the front.
    4. Attach a length of elastic to your pig nose.
    5. Attach pink felt or paper ears to a headband.
    6. Act out the story!


  • You can watch Walt Disney’s Silly Symphony: The Three Little Pigs on YouTube. Click here.

Snack Idea: Pigs in a Blanket pigs in a blanket

    1. You will need refrigerated biscuit dough & hotdogs cut in half.
    2. Put one hotdog in the middle of a biscuit.
    3. Roll up so the hotdog is sticking out from the top and bottom.
    4. Bake according to the can directions.

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