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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Junk (recycle)

  • Read a simple book about recycling. Check your library for great ideas!
(81) dad & wyatt
  • Make a Recycling Center at home!
    1. Find 3-4 empty boxes.
    2. Let the kids help write or trace letters to spell cans, paper & plastic.
    3. Glue a picture of each item to the front of the box (or use the pictures below, just click on them for the link).
    4. All week, save items that the kids can sort into the correct recycle boxes.
    5. Make sure the kids help you set the boxes out for the recycle man, or take them to the recycle center. Matt had a lot of fun with this & caught me trying to throw away things that he could recycle!

tin can  box  milk

  • Take a trip to the recycle center and watch what they do.
  • Save pop cans & take them to the store for a refund
  • Bring a garbage bag to a favorite park and pick up any litter.
  • Make a Backyard Composter … Click the link for instructions! Instead of throwing away your food scraps, teach the kids how to recycle them into rich soil! I haven’t actually tried this, but it sounds like fun and would make great compost soil for our garden in the summer.

snack idea: yogurt (wash and recycle the cup!)

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