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Friday, May 20, 2011

Yo Yo

  • Make a Paper Yo Yo
    1. Draw or trace a circle on a piece of yellow (or whatever color) paper.
    2. Let your preschooler practice cutting it out.
    3. Practice writing the letters Y-O-Y-O on the circle. My 3-year-old loves to trace dot letters right now, so that’s what we did.
    4. Tape a length of string on the back and hang up your Yo Yo!
  • Play with Yo Yos
    1. I picked up a couple different yo yos at the dollar store.
    2. One was a light-up yo yo and the other was a bouncy yo yo. It would bounce down, then retract the string all by itself. Much better for young kids!
    3. We had fun trying them out and even more fun when they broke … go figure with dollar store toys Smile … and we got to take them apart to see what was inside!

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