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Friday, May 20, 2011

Yellow Day


Having a yellow day during Y week is simple and fun. Here are some things we did for yellow day.

  • Wear yellow clothes
  • Yellow Walk
    1. Go for a walk and find yellow flowers.
    2. We also saw bright yellow birds in the tree!
    3. If you collect a few dandelions, pop the flowers off, then slice the stems at either end and float in a sink of cold water. The stems will curl up and look so neat!
  • Have vanilla pudding and banana slices for snack.
  • Find anything yellow in your house. Wyatt loved running into his room to find the yellow toys and bringing them out to show me.
  • Play with yellow playdoh, make Ys
  • Go on a yellow hunt. Use a notebook and yellow crayon. Draw pictures of the yellow things you find.
  • Try this song to the tune of “Old McDonald Had a Farm”…

I see something that is yellow

Do you see it too?

I see something that is yellow

Hop there if you do

With a  hop, hop here, And a hop, hop there.

Hurry up! Hop it up!

Hop as fast as you dare!

I see something that is yellow.

Do you see it too?

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