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Monday, May 23, 2011

W is for Wheels

bears on wheels

  • Read Bears on Wheels by Stan and Jan Berenstain … a simple counting book with lots of bears and lots of wheels!


  • Glue W page
    1. Draw a large W on your paper.
    2. Glue wheel-shaped pasta onto your letter W alphabet page.
    3. While we were doing this, we tried to think of everything we could that has wheels ... cars, trains, airplanes, bikes, scooters, dump trucks. My 3-year-old liked it when I threw in funny things like "Do bugs have wheels? Do books have wheels?"


  • Wheel Search
    1. Search your house for anything with wheels. I was surprised at what my 3-year-old noticed with wheels ... his car slippers, the baby stroller, plus all the cars. He lined them all up around the house with his sister’s help.

(21) W week, nilla wafer wheels (22) mini oreo wheels

  • Add the Edible Wheels!
    1. Print out several clipart of cars, buses, trains, trucks … anything with wheels. I like to use Microsoft Clipart.
    2. Cut them out without the wheels.
    3. Then use mini oreos or mini nilla wafers as wheels!
  • Wheels on the Bus Coloring
    1. Learn "The Wheels on the Bus" with the kids. Click the link for music!
    2. Cover a table with a large sheet of paper and supply crayons.
    3. Play the song while the kids use crayons to reflect the song "round and round" ... making swirls all over the paper.

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