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Monday, May 23, 2011


  • "Mouse Shapes" by Ellen Stoll Walsh is a great shape book and would work nicely to read before doing the activity below. Available here.

DSC01022  mouse shapes

  • Shape pictures
    1. Cut out a variety of shapes. I used different shapes, colors and sizes. Save these in a baggie.
    2. Give the kids a blank paper and spread several of the shapes on the table.
    3. Let them glue and create any kind of picture they want to.
    4. Use crayons to add detail and background.
    5. I did show them a few ideas before we started like how to make a train or face or house. It was fun to see how different they were.


  • Shape Run
    1. Draw several different shapes on several plastic buckets (one on each).
    2. Place the buckets upside down in the yard a good distance from each other.
    3. Call out the name of one of the shapes, then blow a whistle & have the kids run to that bucket. Repeat!
  • Shape Hunt
    1. Show the kids a circle cut-out then search around the house for things that are circle shaped.
    2. Then show them a square cut-out and search the house for square-shaped things.
    3. Use a triangle, oval, star, heart, etc. I'm always surprised how much they love this game!

(19) we made them in the microwaveTreat idea: S’mores!

Use a square graham cracker half, a couple small rectangles of chocolate, and a circle marshmallow. Melt in the microwave for 20 seconds (watch them, they puff quickly!). Smoosh together and eat.

Snack Idea ... Use circle Ritz crackers, square cheese slices and triangle/rectangle slices of meat for a yummy lunchable type snack.

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