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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Valentine’s Day BINGO

(free printable below!) 

DSC04413 DSC04407

We love to play BINGO for just about any holiday.

  1. Just make a simple 3x3 or 4x4 grid and fill it with Valentine clipart. I love using Microsoft Clipart. It’s free, cute and easy to copy or download.
  2. Print out your boards on cardstock (you can mix up the clipart or print them all the same, they don’t really notice when they’re young).
  3. Print an extra set and cut apart to use as your draw cards.
  4. Use marshmallows or conversation hearts as markers. Trade boards and play again!
  5. I made up a few BINGO boards ready-to-print because I’m all about making things easy here. Smile Click print below for a set of four different BINGO boards. Enjoy!


(all of the clipart comes from microsoft clipart)

NOTE! My PDF uploading program is being funny. If you click on the little ‘S’ in the bottom-left corner of the box above, you should be able to print or download the Bingo cards.

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