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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Green Glitter

  • Glue G Page
    1. Draw a large letter G on your paper
    2. Trace with glue and sprinkle on green glitter

germs make me sick

  • Read “Germs Make Me Sick!” by Melvin Berger
  • Glitter Germs … Use glitter to talk about germs!
    1. Put some glitter on a plate or sprinkle on the table.
    2. Have your preschooler put both hands down in the glitter. Look how much sticks to your hands!
    3. Now shake hands with your preschooler, then shake hands with everyone else.
    4. Have the kids look at their hands. Everyone has glitter on their hands now! This is similar to how germ can spread.
    5. Have the kids try to wipe it off, just using their hands.It's very hard to do.
    6. Let them know there is good news! We can wash our hands to get rid of germs. Let the kids wash their glittery hands with soap & water. It comes right off.
    7. I have my kids sing the ABC song while they wash their hands so they know how long to wash.
    8. Explain how germs stay on our hands unless we wash them with soap & water.


  • Going on a Germ Hunt
    1. Print out several “germs” (above from Microsoft Clipart). You could use anything. I like that this one is a green germ but he’s pretty grumpy looking.
    2. Hide them around the room.
    3. Give the kids bubbles (have you seen the no spill bubble bottles?! Love them)
    4. Have them hunt for germs. When they see one, blow bubbles at it!
    5. another option…
      • Draw faces on several plastic lids with permanent marker.
      • Color all over the faces with green or brown dry erase markers.
      • As the kids find them, have them drop the germs into a sink of bubbly water. Then let them scrub the germs clean. (The dry erase marker will come right off with a little scrubbing!)


  • Practice writing Gs with a green crayon, marker or colored pencil! Try these awesome free printable tracing sheets from Confessions of a Homeschoolers. Click here to download.

snack idea: plain yogurt with green sugar sprinkles mixed in


  1. THAT IS THE WORST PICTURE EVER (with the kiddo & the green glitter). You know how much I HATE me the heebie jeebies!

    1. try using glitter bug lotion from Steve Spangler Science. It is a lotin that will glowunder a black light and it is not like the glitter.

  2. this is the best thing ever!!! i am going to start this on tuesday!!!

  3. I would like to know how do we get yearly updates for the calendar months or how do we change them


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