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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fire Safety

  • Fire Safety Week is in October.
    1. Check with your local fire department.
    2. Most of them do a open house or something fun for the kids during Fire Safety week or the Saturday before! They love having kids come to visit!

fire engine book

  • Read “The Fire Engine Book” by Tibor Gergely
    • Adorable: The fun rhyme and illustrations in this book make it one of my favorites to read to my kids. We love it.
  • Teach about Fire Safety … here is a great list from Kids Soup
    1. Smoke alarms warn about fires
    2. Practice stop, drop and roll
    3. Get low and go under the smoke
    4. Get out of a burning building and stay out
    5. Don't be afraid of Firefighters - Firefighters rescue people
    6. Hot things burn and don't play with fire
    7. Plan and practice a home fire escape plan
    8. Designate a meeting place outside.


  • Be a Fire Safety Inspector print this terrific checklist from I love how the kids color the circles red, yellow or green depending on how safe they are. It makes them aware of the fire safety in their own home!


  • Chalk Firefighting
    1. Use chalk to draw flames on a fence or sidewalk.
    2. Wear firefighter hats if you have them. Or get them here. I noticed our Dollar Tree has sturdy hats for Halloween right now. 
    3. Let the kids use a hose or spray bottle to spray the flames. They come right off!


  • Visit a fire department
    1. Look at the engines and around the fire station.
    2. Bring a thank you letter to the firefighters! They do an amazing job!

image image

  • Practice a fire drill … click here to print.
    1. I’m impressed with these ready-to-use plans and instructions from What a great way to plan ahead, teach the kids, and practice it together!
    2. Have a plan to get out of the house & where to meet.
    3. Practice getting out of the house two different ways
  • Stop, Drop, & Roll the felt flames
    1. Demonstrate how to Stop, Drop & Roll. If you’re not sure, check it out here.
    2. To practice, place felt “flames” on your clothing.
    3. Stop, Drop & Roll until all of the flames fall off.


  • Sparky’s Coloring Page … click here to print the page above.
  • Crawl Below the Smoke
    1. Explain that when there is smoke, we need to crawl beneath it to stay safe.
    2. Use a bed sheet and have the kids hold it along the edges.
    3. TIP: I will probably tuck one edge between the bed mattresses or couch cushions since I don’t have enough preschoolers to hold it.
    4. Shake the sheet gently to make pretend smoke while the kids crawl on their hands and knees underneath to “safety”
  • Fire Safety Song … to the tune of Frere Jacque

If there’s fire, If there’s fire

In your house, In your house

What do you do? What do you do?



  • … I’m really impressed with this website. Lots of fun activities and games for the kids. You can:
    1. Learn about the parts of a fire engine
    2. Play a matching game, but stop to get out the door when the fire alarm goes off.
    3. Print activities and crafts
    4. Printables for an entire fire safety party (pin the badge on Sparky, cupcake toppers, bottle wrappers, headbands, use licorice sticks for fire hoses)


  • Sparky’s Preschool Lesson Plan … click here.
    • They even have ready-to-use lesson plans for Pre-K, 1-2 and 3-5.
    • The Pre-K lesson plan has several sounds to listen to including a smoke alarm.
    • The kids learn that when they hear that sound, they stop what they’re doing (even sleeping) and get out of the house.
    • Includes a worksheet to circle and write the letters B-E-E-P.

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