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Friday, May 27, 2011



  • Clothespin animals
    1. Draw & cut out farm animal bodies (without the legs).
    2. Paint 2 clothespin legs to match the bodies (ex: 2 pink clothespins for the pink pig body).
    3. Let the kids snap the matching clothespin legs onto the animals.
  • Sing "Old McDonald Had a Farm" Click the link for music!
  • Sing "The Farmer in the Dell" Click the link for music!
  • Visit a real farm!

animal animal2 animal3 animal4animal5 animal6 animal7 animal10

  • Play "Trouble on the Farm"
    1. Place several farm animal cards (clipart) in a bag.
    2. Wearing a straw hat and bandana, introduce yourself as a farmer.
    3. Tell the kids you have trouble with the animals not answering your call.
    4. Show the kids one card from the bag and say the animals name, replacing the first letter with a different letter (tig for pig, beep for sheep). The kids will probably want to correct you!

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